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Elis Made It

Personalized products & workshops with implementation of ethical crafting practices, made for your personal needs, with respect for the environment, suitable for a zero waste daily life!

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For information and empowerment

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Red Drop!

Period care items such as period cloth pads for women and teenagers, cloth sanitary pads for everyday use, period pants, but also fabric incontinence pads.




Thread & Needle!

Home and everyday items and reusable as well, to replace disposable items and / or plastics. Ethically made items, such as children’s pillows, cloth bags, food cases, etc.

Green Leaf!

Useful and decorative items with natural raw materials. In addition, natural soaps with olive oil, wooden items, decorations and other items made by hand with passion and respect for the environment.


Workshops, discussions, talks, information, empowerment, association activities related to ZeroWaste practices, circular economics and other topics related to ethical practices in the manufacture of our products.

Personalized Selection

Cloth Pads & Period Pants

Personal Care Creations

Breast Pads

Personal Care Products

Toilet Cloths

Personal Care Products

Demakeup Pads

Knitted Items

Cleaning Sponges

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Personalized Selection

Soaps with Olive Oil, Chamomile & Calendula

Everyday Items

Face Masks

Useful Fabric Items


Kitchen Items

Roll & Serving Napkins

Practical & Gifts

Small Bags


Elis Made It | Personalized, Zero Waste, Ethically Made, Ecofriendly Products & Workshops



For You

Υφασμάτινη μάσκα προσώπου Klimt

Creations With Respect For You & The Environment

Fabric, Knitted, Wooden and more Elis Made It creations

  • Cloth Period Pads & Slim Pads
  • Menstrual Pants
  • Tampon
  • Toilet Cloths
  • Demakeup Pads
  • Breast Pads
  • Soaps
  • Hankies
  • Bags and Fabric Cases
  • Face Masks
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Serving Napkins
  • Fabric Food Cases
  • Container Coverings
  • Food Carrier Bags
  • Embroidery Frames
  • Seasonal Gifts
  • Fabric Hats

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